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Moving Maniacs List of Specialties

Moving Maniacs are moving experts. We have personally moved 22 times in 24 years and we offer everything from sorting, purging and organizing to getting the right estimates for your particular move, choosing your mover,  packing and unpacking while we superbly organize your new home and/or decorate it. We want you to be able to go from home to home stress free and excited for your new adventure.

We can handle all your needs, or just specific ones. Define your needs from our menu of services and contact us to see how we may assist you with your move. Jobs are done by estimates, so please feel free to contact us for more information.
Moving Maniacs Specialize In:

  • Senior Transition Services (no one compares), , Complete Packing & Unpack and organizing into cabinets, closets and drawers. 
  • Total downsizing to Independent,  Assisted, Personal Care or skilled facilities (great relationships with all local CCRC's and nursing homes)
  • Estate Disposal, (including organization of donations for delivery or pick up and auction set up)
  • We can save you money prepping your home for sale, working in conjunction wih your realtor for optimiziton of sale, as well as complete Staging Services.
  • Decorating (

Senior Transition Services

Seniors face a different set of struggles all together when they are planning a Senior move. They not only face the overwhelming task of disposing of many years worth of household goods, it is quite traumatic leaving friends, family and neighbors that they have lived near for many years. Not being physically able to do what they did when they were younger presents other needs. In many cases physical limitations or age make it difficult to move, and more often than not, friends and families just don't always have the time or ability to help.

Sorting and Purging of household goods is exhausting for anyone. Seniors don't often purge well on their own because of sentimental attachment to years worth of accumulated gifts, treasures and let's face it, lots of junk. We work closely with clients in this situation on which treasures to keep (within reason) and what must go. We can help them downsize to a new location for retirement or an assisted living facility by making sure they take just what they need for their new home.
Moves for the Disabled

People with disabilities sometimes need help with everything. Packing in a way they can unpack so they can reach and lift easily. Setting up a new home correctly so that it is easy for them to function and navigate. Logical and efficient placement of kitchen and bath items takes good organization skills. We can organize their home to fit their needs and help them settle in much easier. If there is a recent disability we can make renovations and preperations to the home to assist them in staying there safely and comfortably.

Estate Disposal

Losing a loved one is stressful and an emotionally difficult time. Sorting through years of memories, knowing what truly has value to a family and what should be disposed of. This creates an overwhelming feeling of sadness and often a greater sense of loss. We help families deal with home and contents, guiding them to the options they have in an unemotional and efficient manner. Taking the weight off of family members allows them to grieve and cope with their emotions instead of being overwhelmed about what to do with their loved ones physical estate. We will organize contents for families to review, help them sort through things to keep, either of sentimental or monetary value. We can donate leftover household goods, set up an auction of contents and property or assist in finding a realtor for the home and an auction of contents if worthwhile.

Home Organization

Have a hard time getting rid of stacks and clutter? Let us organize your home and create new storage and decorating space. Organizing for most of our customers also helps them learn how to stay that way. Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Home Office, Garages and Living areas can all be sorted, purged and organized into labeled containers in cabinets and shelving to help you and your family to be more efficient. Efficiency leads to more free time to do what you really want to do and more space to relax in.
Moving Maniacs will help you stage your home. Staged homes sell 64% faster than an unstaged home. We do it affordably and efficiently.

We completely understand the pressures and stress of moving, because we have personally moved a lot. Knowing this allows us to ask questions and better prepare you based on experience.

Our service is a unique niche in the market filling an essential need, that helps individuals, families, and our seniors achieve a happier, healthier, productive and more cost efficient move.